Are you looking to be a Mossad Agent? If yes, please complete the form below. You must answer truthfully and be honest. If you successfully pass this test, we will be in touch with you when we next need an agent.

Please note that priority is given to those who are pro-Israel. It’s a bit of a quirk and don’t tell the Israeli court system because they may accuse of us being discriminatory. We are equal employers – mostly. We don’t care about your age, your physical condition, your gender, your race or religion (hey, a heck of a lot of our agents are Muslim, but don’t tell anyone). But this one point, well, it’s a showstopper. To be accepted, you must click the appropriate button below.

After you do, well, don’t call us, we’ll call you…and if you see anyone hanging around your home or following you, don’t be nervous. We have a special team of Mossad bats who do an initial review of the person so they might, well, literally, hang around.

If you cannot read the form below, this means that you have failed the initial application process. Please try again in 30 days.

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