Secret Bases Around the World

Did you come to this page expecting us to detail our secret base locations? Seriously?

Well, duh…we can’t do that. But what we can do is give you a hint at their locations and sophistication. Some hints:

  • Our bases are located on Earth – above ground and below (and we are designing a space one shortly).
  • We have one base in Manhattan at a plush gym that offers free, freshly squeezed orange juice all year round.
  • We have two bases in China – these allow our agents to stock up on really cheap electrical equipment and bring the latest smartphones to their commanders.
  • We have three bases in Chile because, well, the place is just chill and also many of our secret agents were originally from Arab countries and they love very spicy chili.
  • We have four bases in Arab countries because we love the irony of training there and because the gas is cheaper.
  • We have one base in the United Kingdom. We wanted more but it was simply too difficult to train our agents to drive on the wrong side of the road and sadly, one agent was hurt when he crossed the road while looking the wrong way.

If you have a suggestion for a Mossad Secret Base Location, click here (suggests a secret base location – need to create page and silly form.

If you’d like to see a map of Mossad Secret Base Locations, click here (Secret Base Locations).

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