Secret Mossad Bases in Asia

As you can see, we have quite a nice number of bases in Asia. Our problem, mainly, is staffing.  Unfortunately, our lead person in Thailand prefers visiting the tourist sites and spends too much time on the beaches of Thailand. If you’d be interested in becoming our agent-on-the-ground in Thailand, please complete the Agent Application Form.


We are also having a problem with our base in the Phillipines. Apparently some manpower agencies in Israel offered our agents a better job and so they spend most of their time finding local residents who want to come to work in Israel. On the bright side, they have placed over 100 Filipinos with families in Israel and have offered to give us a 10% commission.

We also need more agents in Iran. Though we have a full contingent there, they always have work to do and there are so many people willing to offer information, our agents spend night and day gathering critical info that we share selectively with our allies. Also, at times, these agents become very focused on computer programming. They also keep claiming they are sick – something about massive viruses spreading across Iran and yet not once have we heard them cough…not even a sniffle!

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